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Hawaii Elementary Schools ( School Documents Online, SCC, Web Application Portal, libraries):
Kailua Complex: Enchanted Lake, Kaelepulu, Keolu, Maunawili, Olomana, Pope, Waimanalo
Kahuku Complex: Hau'ula ( lib), Ka'a'awa ( lib), Kahuku ( lib), Laie ( lib), Sunset ( lib)
Castle Complex: Ahuimanu ( SCC, lib), He’eia ( SCC, lib), Kahaluu (SCC, lib), Kaneohe ( SCC, lib), Kapunahala ( SCC), Parker (SCC), Puohala ( SCC), Waiahole ( SCC, lib), Hakipuu
Kaleheo Complex: Aikahi (lib), Kailua (lib), Kainalu (lib), Mokapu (lib), Lanikai (BOD, lib)
Hawaii Charter Schools ( DOE): Hakipuu (2), Lokahi ( 1), Ku Mana
Hawaii other: Kahuku( Kahuku), Nuuanu,
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Hawaii: Honolulu (Star-Bulletin, Advertiser), Hilo Tribune-Herald, Kaleo o Ko'olauloa (Kaleo), Ko'olau news, Hawaii reporter
Weather: wunderground, weatherwatchers, surf report: NOAA, SurfLine, Advertiser, SurfNews, US Navy
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SCUBA: uwphotohi, Aqualung(US Divers), Oceanic, SeaQuest, coralreefnetwork, Rodale's, Ocean Concepts, DAN, diveoahu
Hiking: HawaiiTrails, Hawaiiweb, Geocaching (HI)
Olympics (IOC): Beijing 2008, Athens 2004, NBC, CNN SI, ESPN, CBS Sportsline, USA Today


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performance assessment: Assessment Institute, Pearson (WSS),
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Hawaii: BOE, PREL, Common Core Standards, DOE Strategic Plan, RTT State Applications (Phase 2), DOE RTT Executive Summary, DOE RTT Site

School Tech

DOE (old), DOE (new), NSSB, ISSB, E-rate, E-plan, Virtual View, eschool, RTTT, ARCH, how to make a school website
Strategies, Tek tools, Edugeek
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Conservation: Sylvia Earle, Jane Goodall
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Cavaliers: health,
Health: AVMA (news), pet poison hotline
Canine epilepsy: EPI angels, Epil-K9, CEN
Birds: Cages (King's
Birdwatching: Cornell (Lib of Natural Sounds), BirdsnWays, BirdersWorld, Birder, Birding, ABA, WebBirding, AviSys, BSClinks


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Robotics: BEAM robots, lynxmotion, Stiquito, Basic Stamp, Lego (lugnet, unofficial, internals, webring, NQC), VIA
Genetics: deCODE, TIGR, Celera, NIHGRI, Sanger, DNAfiles
Nanotechnology: Foresight, nanoeffect
Science philosophy: Bill Joy(comment), FAS, Aspen, Amacad, tecsoc, 2think, edge, CSICOP, EvC
Computing: Neumann(risks), CMU (Softw Eng Inst), Parnas
Complexity: SantaFe (Arthur, Reynolds(boids), ) Wolfram (CCSR)
AI: Brainmakers (OpenCyc, QUEST), KurzweilAI, Alife, modeling: starlogo
Math: MAA, joma, Peterson, Gardner(g4g4), Hofstadter, trivia, math archives, cut-the-knot, mathpages
Hawaii: Astronomy: (IFA, JAC, Keck, CFHT); Geology: (soest, ); Marine: HIMB, OI, nelha; mhpcc, hurl, marbec, HOS&T
Oceanography: Woods Hole, NOAA(coast survey, Hawaii reefs, photos), Red Tide, Oceanic Institute, marbec, fishbase
Marine Biology: HIMB (Gates) Xavier Pochon, Leticia, SOEST (Gates), Camera, Oceanlaw
Species ID: Poppe,
Astronomy: darksky, exoplanets, Sam Rhoads
Biology: tree of life
Geology: paleomap
Government: NSF(Science Resource Stats)
Anti antiscience: SCICOP (Sceptical Inquirer)
Evolution: Dawkins, FSM


Politics (HI)

Firstgov, Parks service, White House, IRS, INS (naturalization), opensecrets, National Security Archive
Legislative: (Senators (Inouye, Akaka) Representatives (Abercrombie, Mink)

Hawaii: online services, State (DLNR, parks), GIS(Land info), tax (statutes, rules, license search), property tax (Oahu, Hawaii, Kauai, Maui) DCCA (business name, complaints, prof license), Elections
Honolulu: City & County (DPP, HIPS), police (traffic), fire, crimestoppers
Judiciary: court info, eCrim,
Independent/critical: Hawaii Reporter, Grassroots Institute

Hawaii (stats)

Gov't, PICA, PCC, UH (press, Ka Leo, SOEST), marine news, Planet-Hawaii, webring, Geocities, Bishop Museum, KSBE, Ho'okele links, links, Alternative Hawaii, IC-Hawaii, statistics, Hawaiiweb, NAHHA,
Kahana: what was, what is, what can be


coastal coalition, Islands mag,

Na kanaka maoli

Sovereignty: Hawaii-Nation (links), AHO, Hawaiian Kingdom, Conklin, Twigg-Smith
Organizations: Alu like, Kaiapuni, QLCC, ksbe, NaPua, OHA, Kahoolawe Ohana
UH: Manoa (library, digital archive), Hilo (Kualono), sites
Olelo: Ulukau, Kumulipo, 'Ahahui 'Olelo Hawai'i, hooilina, Olelo
Nupepa: UH archive, HLNP
Mele: hula,, Nahenahe, Keola Beamer, Bob Brozman, Hapa, Huapala, Mele mikini, IRH, Jamz, Hawaiian Music Guide, TaroPatch, Dancing Cat, Bruddah Iz, huapala


Paku’i ‘Onehana (Kapa’a, goss)

Koolauloa news

Kaleo, Kaaawa, WAA, , Ko'olau news, QLCC,


About, Rootsweb(SSDI), FamilyTreeMaker, Vitalrec, vitalchek, NedGen(UK), Mann, Ancestors, vital records, vitalrec, cemetery junction, census, PBS Ancestors, genhomepage, US surnames
indexes: Cyndi's list, Helms, genealogyhomepage
databases: GENDEX, Familysearch (LDS), Ancestry, SSDI
magazines: genealogy today (UK), Family Tree Magazine, Everton


Scholarly: IEEE (USA, Computer, Hawaii), VCL
Info: c|net, Pricewatch, BXboards, HardwareCentral, Tom's hardware page, FiringSquad (Thresh), PCpitstop, PCmechanic, PCguide, Tech Support Guy, Priority One (PB, eMachines, CTX), Dvorak, motherboards, motherboards, amdmb, extremeTech
Shareware: MajorGeeks, techsupportalert, Tucows, Download
Reviews: AnandTech, ReviewFinder
Manufacturers: Dell, HP/Compaq, IBM, Gateway, GST, Packard Bell
Repair: driverguide (driver all),
Newsletters: Scot's newsletter, thenakedPC
Online stores: CDW, Neutronet, Byteware, memman, comp-u-plus, mwave, aberdeen, dalco
Local repair & geek stores: OahuComputers, supergeeks, kamaaina, HiTechQuest, CTA, Alliance, Personal Touch
for nerds: slashdot, wired, extremetech, answersthatwork,
Tools: Timesync,
Utilities: Sysinternals, Regcleaner
WiFi: WiFiMaps, weblogger, security, war driving
Magazines: ZDNet, CNET, PCMag, PCWeek, PCWorld, Winmag (tips, winlist), Hotwired, InfoWorld, EEtimes, DimensionX,
Macintosh: Apple, MacCentral, low end Mac, Macworld, MacFixIt, Macintouch, versiontracker, ZDnet
OS X: Apple, macosxhints,
Cheap Computer: classifieds, eBay, Cristina, Goodwill, Giftsinkind, Compumentor, recycling (links)
Linux: OnlineLinux, power, central, tldp, justlinux, DesktopLinux, distrowatch, Liki, Linuxdevices
Linux in Schools: k12linux, opensourceschools
Linux docs & help: howto, linuxquestions, newbieadminguide, tuXlab cookbook, justlinux helpfiles, NAG, SAG, LDAP (quick guide), using Samba, netadmin, squidguard
ubuntu: ubuntuguide, EasyUbuntu, ubuntuforums, edubuntu-users archives, installating,
Linux apps: equivalents, table, Freshmeat, FSF directory, crossover
Linux mags: Free Software, TUX, Linux- planet, journal,
Free Software: GNU, FSF, why OSS?
Programming: sourceforge,
Cellphones: lg vx4400, yahoo
PDF: PDFzone, gobcl, Adobe
Mini-ITX: EPIAcenter,
iPod: iPodhacks, ilounge forums
People: ESR (CatB), RMS (FSF, GNU, GPL), Linus, Shuttleworth


ISP: The list, Roadrunner, Flex, Mailaka, Internet Express, ISP
email: Netidentity, Hawaii, Hotmail, Yahoo, Mail2world, MailandNews
info: Atlas, ISC, learnthenet
news/chat: usenet, FAQ, eGroups, cybertown, the Palace, theGlobe
free web site hosting: 100best, Dreamwater, Yahoo!geocities, 20M
scams: Urban Legend, hoaxbusters, snopes, scams
virus: McAfee, Norton, PC-cillin, Housecall, avast!, AVG
adware/spyware: adaware, spybot, windows live safety, windows defender
security/encryption: EFF (top12), PGP, CA: Verisign, thawte, computerbytesman
cool sites: siteoftheday
firewalls: Black Ice, Conseal, Zone Labs, tests: DSLreports, nanoprobe, hackerwhacker
privacy: EFF, epic, anonymizer, grc, Misc: WELL, privacyfoundation
piracy: RIAA vs People
weird web stuff: WikiCentral (starting points)
web stats & tools: thecounter, statcounter, DNSstuff

Develop pages

Creating web pages: NSSB, Loogootee, webmonkey, HTMLgoodies, HowStuffWorks
how to: WDVL, CNETbuilder, webtechniques, creationguide(websafecolors)
kids: Website Creation
good design: Essex, Bobby
editors: 1stpage, Nvu, HTML-kit
GIF animation: agag, royal, archive, factory
Flash: flashkit, virtual-fx, flashfaq


Logo: ring, MSW, mw, ucb
Squeak: squeakland, Alan Kay, croquet
java: javaboutique, Developer (java), javasoft, java resources, javaworld


WebMD, HealthWatch, OnHealth, MedTerms, PCS, CIGNA, Medexplorer, Medline, PDR, refdesk, Mayo, Cancer, DocFinder, InteliHealth, Kaiser Permanente(kponline), Nutrition, AMA, APA
anti-cholesterol: thincs, second-opinions, spacedoc, Malcolm Kendrick, Ravnskov, Barry A Groves, second opinions


organizations: USISTD, USABDA, IDSF, IDTA
syllabus: (IDTA, ISTD, USABDA,)
steps: round dancing, Calloway, gotta dance
misc: DanceVisions, Dr Max, Danceplaza, Blackpool, ballroomdancers, Accessdance
local: DiD, DancefeverOahu, HBDA, dancehawaii, Friends, USAdance,
local teachers: Franz, Fells, Carlos Chang, Bayot, Dreamtodance, salsa, Rhonda, tango




geocomm, ESRI, USGS (NSDI), Hawaii GIS, geography network, geo community, Mapquest, Mapblast, Odddens, Maptech, topozone, FUDS, NOAA, WorldWind
GIS: MassGIS, Hawaii, US Army, CO (Douglas), Hawaii hazards
historic: maplibraries, USA1895


EPA (students, kids), Ocean Conservancy (NMDMP), YES, AML, TPL, ENS newswire, EPIC
Pollution: pollution, scorecard, marinedebris, algalita
Climate change: RealClimate, PewCenter, Al Gore, Crichton (and)
Earthguide: diagrams, water cycle, groundwater animation
Educypedia: pollution, water
Kids: save our world, USGS water science, oceans alive, vog,
UH: SOEST (ask a UH scientist), CTAHR (water quality), BWS (water cycle)
Local: Environment Hawaii, KBAC, Koolau, CWRM (Water Code), MalamaHawaii, AAA, birding


Digital camera reviews (dpreview, imaging resource, ) ofoto, snapfish, shutterfly, clubphoto, PEImag, dcviews
Photo orgamizing:
Photo metadata: IPTC (apps), Dargaud


Navies (USA, ), DoD, USACE, veterans



Pat’s at Punaluu

Manager, Paul, Gigi, Heidi, 109, K3, 3rd floor, 401/A3, 409, 707 (1, 2), ochsenbein (1), 715
FVR, VRBO, craigslist, homeaway, tripadvisor, cyberrentals, alwaysonvacation




vivisimo, WiseNut, teoma, botspot

MS Office

Word: MPV FAQ, tiplist, About (projects)
Powerpoint: indezine

Photo enforcement

Armey, ACS, Poltech, 1st, protector, detectors, jammers store


world times, personal clock


Electroplate silver marks


Palms: Pacsof
Tropical Agriculture: Lychee


Hawaii: Kona, Hawaiianhomebrew


Star Chefs, Rick Bayless, PBS lessons with the master chefs, gourmet, globalgourmet, cheese, cooking


iRock, Harmony Central
Guitar: AG, powertabs, powertab, OLGA,, Mel Bay, Fingerstyle Guitar Mag, Acoustic Guitar Mag, Acoustic Fingerstyle
Guitarists: AFG, Chet Atkins, Doyle Dykes, Adrian Legg, Leo Kottke, Alex de Grassi, Muriel Anderson

Mex Pottery

Talavera etc (PV), Talavera shop, fine ceramics, Towns (Puebla, Dolores Hidalgo, San Miguel de Allende portal inside Mexonline, ), Talavera manufacturers (San Gabriel, Fernanda Gamboa, Zavala, Uriarte, )


MSDW, Fool, Yahoo (UK), Quicken, TheStreet, Morningstar, currency, whisper, Investorguide, world stock exchanges, IPO Lockup


Smith Barney (Young Investors), Strang, Stock Market Game Stock Market Simulation(SD, ) VSE, OMA Stock Game, InvestSmart Stock Game, MainXed Stock Game


Business Week, FastCompany, Forbes, Fortune

Library's newspaper collections

HI State Public Library (newspapers), UH Hilo




lifelong kindergarten

web pages



GTE wireless (text)

Palm Pilot

Palm, Handango, PalmPilotWare, PalmGear, Palmblvd, Palmstation, Memoware, online texts, mapopolis, Tucows


Radio kits: ramsey, Cana Kit, PCS, b'cast w'hse, FM transmitters
Components: Datasheets, ePanorama, Newark, Digi-Key, Globalspec, alldatasheet, datasheetcatalog, datasheetarchive
Stores: Shack, wacky willies
Tivo: tivocommunity, hinsdale, hacking


USCG Hawaii, Basic boating safety course, another, DLNR, Humminbird
Cruise ships: independence
Sailing: Hon Sail Co
Windsurfing: Zulusports, Windsurfer, Loft sails, the-house


National Stroke Assoc, Heart & stroke foundation, Stroke Center, National Aphasia Org (Newsletter), Stroke Connection Mag,
Assistive technology: local: (ATRC, STAC), abilityhub, assistivetech, ATA
keyboard use products (augmentative communication): (REACH, Gus, EZ-keys, )

Brian's roots

SACS, Walsh, FreeBMD
Lancashire (Accrington, Accrington [Lanc online], Hotpots, LFHHS, LPRS, LRO (maps), British mining, links, su's, June
England: GenUK, UK public record office (1901 census), SOG, FFHS, old maps, multimap, A2A, Times Digital Archive
Ireland (PRONI, local), GRO NI, Irish ancestors, PCI, Dill (more, more, more), Donegal Co.
Scotland (GROS, ), Fife family history soc, Kirkcaldy (civic soc, )
S. Africa: S. Africa, Ananzi, biographical master index (same), Genealogical soc of SA, S.A. Genealogy
Knysna, Knysna, Knysna Municipality, realtors (leisure, ERA, Golding, SAProperty, DeHuizemark, KEA, eland, Durr, Aida  ) UCT (archives, ), Union-Castle (another)
Dad: SAAF (history), (Wellington), Takoradi, MOTH (Albatross shellhole), Selborne, UCT (library, Medical School)
Mom: Roedean (webring), St Mary's, Nina Baber (ant, tree), Transvaal Scottish

Kaye's roots

St A: St Augustine High School, StA Record
Ohio: Ohio hist soc, Springfield GIS, springfield (city), Clark CO Lib, Ohiomemory, Rootsweb (obits), mvogi
NC, GA: Hewitt, NC Archive, GA Hist soc
VA: library of Virginia, VA Hist Soc, Handley lib

South Africa

eWorldnetworks, SAonline, SA-Austin, DailyMail, Beckett, ANC today


hrforumzim, The Zimbabwean, crybelovedzim, kubatana, Frontline, allAfrica, HRW


Tripps, Graves, Kingsley North, Lapidary Journal, TucsonShowGuide, GRK Gems, Facet Shoppe


Kohler, Anderson, Americh, Interceramic, Metal roof, Crystal cabinets, Schlage, Mexican tiles, TechLighting, Cooper lighting, Lutron, Illum. Exp., Screen Tight, Interceramic, Fireplace Center (alt), Sweets, Buildfind, Casablanca fan co, Viking, decoratetoday, dessicants (brownell, cabelas)
Automation: Smarthome, Buildscape, Homestar, AMP OnQ, Greyfox, 3Com, Kenner cable, links, Leviton, CE Pro


KYC, Exchange Control, Business Times, JSE, SA stock, Wright, Standard Bank(Standard Equities), finforum, SA government, SA travel info, IOL, News24, SA Business guide


CWR law school, Living will, another living will


dogbitelaw, findlaw (states)


chicken soup, Bolles (dreamhuge, jobhuntersbible), Zukav (genesis), celestine, secular humanism


UPS, DHL, Allied Pickfords




Pritchett, Darwin


timelines, alternatime, hyperhistory, thinkquest

Home pages

Jan, Lind

Friend's sites

Banks, Jackson, McConnell, Laura Fowler
Intel: Andy Glew, Bob Colwell, Chengwu Chen, DeBellis, DeBellis, (Nexsi), Barnes, Weston, Brown
School pals: NCHM (Glyn Balkwill), Jazzart (Alfred Hinkel), christine?, Braun, Lucia Thesen,
Family: Ironside (Bactech, YGL, Audax, ), Walsh (photos, FTP), Harris, Shelly

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