Brian and Kaye's Web Page


our dream house's floorplan This is the floorplan of the main (top) floor

front elevation This is the front elevation



Dave Jenness, our genius builder> Dave & Brian> Bruce>

Hekili painters>

Masons: Sonny> ,Ron> ,Mel> and Kaye>

Mr Tile, Vincent>

Here is a progression of the phases of construction:

Feb 5th> Mar 17th> Apr 26th> Apr 29th>

May 20th> June 10th> June 29th> July 10th> July 18th>

Here are some interesting details:

Front of house> <July 10 <July 10 <July 30

Master shower> <July 30 <Aug 8 <Aug 23<Sept 9

Kitchen> <July 18 <Aug 19 <Aug 23<Sept 9

Living area> <June 10 <July 18<Sept 9

Master bedroom> <Aug 23

Entry> <July 18 <Aug 19

Atrium> <Aug 19

Ocean view Lanai> <Aug 19

Downstairs bathroom <Sept 9


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